Another ethnic cleansing?

The newly started Colombo based news paper Weekend Standard, in its latest issue, highlights the pathetic situation of Muslims. "Muslims fleeing after LTTE threats: Panic in Thoppur and Kalmunai", is the lead story written by Munza Mushtaq. The editorial,

Another ethnic cleansing?

The LTTE is now in the process of unleashing yet another round of ethnic cleansing, this time in two areas of the East, but as usual the self proclaimed do-gooders are quite silent when it comes to any despicable crimes committed by the Tigers. We wonder whether to them Muslims are the children of a lesser God. Many ordinary Tamils too suffer needlessly, no doubt like other communities because of the mayhem caused by the LTTE, but these international players hardly see their plight. The less we say about the Muslim Arab brethren at the beck and call of the West, the better.

Already having been threatened with death if they do not leave Thoppur in Trincomalee and certain areas of Kalmunai in Ampara, thousands of Muslims have sought refuge in public places like schools and mosques in those areas fearing attacks in the night.

Tigers carried out a similar bout of ethnic cleansing in 1990 in Jaffna when they drove out the entire Muslim population of the peninsula numbering about 75,000 in a matter of hours and with equal speed grabbed all their wealth as they were only allowed to leave with the clothes on their backs. The funniest part was that they got away with it scot free. There was not even a threat of any sanctions by the international community which is ever ready to bear pressure on the Sri Lankan government to please the most unreasonable demands of the terrorists.

Even the so-called miracle ceasefire agreement that was thrust upon the UNP government by the Norwegians did nothing to send those innocent Muslim civilians back to Jaffna. It is all about pleasing the terrorist cry babes.


It is the same case with on-going mayhem unleashed by the terrorists against security forces who are adhering to the ceasefire. But no sooner terrorist leader Kaushalyan was killed by the breakaway Karuna Group early this year, even UN Secretary General Kofi Anan rushed to condemn the killing. We feel that he too is forced to play the role of Uncle Tom and each time he fails they rake up his alleged involvement in the Iraq-oil-for- food scam. It is the same case with human rights violations under Saddam in Iraq, but nothing about such violations from Jordan to Morocco!


These self-proclaimed, do-good mouthpieces are literally like guns for hire, who would have no hesitation in screaming bloody murder if others commit anything to the disadvantage of LTTE terrorists. These NGOs naturally have to sing for their dinner as all their funding is from abroad.

The West certainly has some strange standards. For example in Britain you can even be shot on sight if you are an Al Qaeda terror suspect as happened to a poor Brazilian electrician shot dead as a terrorist in the aftermath of London terror bombings in July this year. But internationally known Tigers like Anton Balasingham roam freely and work for the LTTE from London, despite Tigers being a banned terrorist outfit there.



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