Arab league chief postpones Lebanon trip

Arab league (AL) chief Amr Moussa postponed his visit to Beirut scheduled for Friday, due to the deadlock facing the Arab initiative, local As Safir daily reported.

Arab league chief postpones Lebanon trip
Moussa's trip to Beirut could take place in the coming 48 hours, in case a slight breakthrough occurs, said the report.

The AL chief sent his assistant Hisham Youssef in Beirut on Wednesday for preparation mission. But new obstacles faced Youssef who met in the past two days with representative of Lebanese warring factions, it added.

The opposition handed over to Youssef a draft of demands that need to be endorsed before the presidential election take place, said the report.

The opposition is determined to reach an agreement that would give them veto powered in the new government before electing a new president, a demand that the majority repeatedly rejected.

The AL chief is expected to gather Lebanese leaders from the Majority and the opposition for the third time in a bid to reach an agreement that could facilitate the election of a new president scheduled on Feb. 26.

Moussa has failed so far in convincing the two Lebanese parties to accept an Arab plan which was endorsed in Cairo on Jan. 6.

The three-point plan aimed at immediately electing Lebanese Army Commander General Michel Suleiman as Lebanese President and proceeding to forming a government of national unity and drafting a new electoral law.

Lebanese presidential seat has been vacant since former President Emile Lahoud ended his term on Nov. 24, and the sharply divided Lebanese parliament has delayed the elections for 14 times without a consensus.

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