Arab League plans new bid to end Lebanon crisis

Arab League chief Amr Mussa said on Monday he is planning a new mission to Lebanon at the weekend to try to end the nation's divisive political crisis.

Arab League plans new bid to end Lebanon crisis
Mussa said on Lebanon's Future Television he would visit Beirut on Sunday to organise a meeting between rival political leaders just two days before a planned parliamentary vote to choose a new president.

He said he would bring together leaders of the Western-backed ruling majority in parliament Saad Hariri and Amin Gemayel with Michel Aoun, a Christian leader in the Syrian-backed opposition, in a bid to end the protracted deadlock.

Lebanon, grappling with its worst internal crisis since the end of the 15-year civil war in 1990, has been without a president since late November and so far 14 attempts to hold a parliament vote to choose a new head of state have been cancelled.

Mussa has made several missions to try to resolve the feud but has so far been unsuccessful and the political tensions have on occasion boiled over into street clashes in Beirut.

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