Arab Leauge most important actors

Turkish Premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan said: "We consider the Arab League one of the most important actors as regards regional peace, security and stability.. We should get rid of fanaticism," at Arab League Summit.

Arab Leauge most important actors

"We consider the Arab League as one of the most important actors toassure regional peace, security and stability," Turkish Prime MinisterRecep Tayyip Erdogan said on Wednesday.

Taking the floor at the Arab League Heads of State & Government Summitin Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, PM Erdogan said, "we attach great importance toour cooperation with the Arab League members.

Therefore, we think that Turkish-Arab Forum will have a significant place.Legal frame of the forum will be set up soon."

"The Middle East has been passing through a difficult process. Problemshave deteriorated and regional peoples have been engulfed in pessimism. Theyhave begun seeking new ways to resolve those problems by inspiringsolidarity," he said.

Highlighting importance of the recent developments in Palestine, PrimeMinister Erdogan said, "the compromise reached among Palestinian leadersin Mecca and the formation of a national unity government have given rise tonew hopes. We all should work together to turn this hope into a sound peacedynamic. We wish that the government would take realistic steps to meetexpectations of Palestinian people. On the other hand, the internationalcommunity should assume an emboldening and unprejudiced attitude."

Erdogan also said that the Arab peace plan is offering a tangibleperspective towards steps to be taken by Israel as a valuable initiative inefforts to resolve the Arab-Israeli dispute.


 "Unfortunately, bloodshed has been continuing in Iraq. Killing ofdozens of people become a daily routine. We should reinforce our cooperation toput an end to this violence. Stability and security should be restored in Iraqin the shortest possible time. Protection of Iraq's territorial integrity is ofvital importance. The possibility of a fragmentation will create anunacceptable calamity scenario for the whole region," Erdogan stressed.

Touching on the issue of Kirkuk, Prime Minister Erdogan said, "negativedevelopments in Kirkuk will have destructive impacts on whole Iraq andbeyond."

Referring to the situation in Lebanon, PM Erdogan said, "politicalstability depends on national dialogue and compromise. Regional countries'support is essential to provide political stability in Lebanon. We hope thatthe summit will lead to a progress which will help to remove the deadlock inLebanon. We, as Turkey, are ready to assist Lebanon in this process."

Erdogan added that they should give priority to the risk of sectarianpolarization in the region since such a development could affect the region asa whole.

On the other hand, Erdogan had a meeting with Palestinian President MahmoudAbbas.

Palestinian PM Ismail Haniya also attended the meeting. PM Erdogan will alsohold talks in Riyadh with Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, UN Secretary-GeneralBan Ki-Moon and Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Siniora.

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