Arab summit to convene despite absences: Syrian diplomat

Top Syrian diplomatic sources said Thursday that the next Arab Summit hosted by Syria in March will "convene despite any absences."

Arab summit to convene despite absences: Syrian diplomat

The source, who refused to by unveiled, said in a statement to the Lebanese "Al-Akhbar" daily, "Syria refuses the political and media extortion adopted by several Arab countries of linking its participation in the Arab Summit with the Lebanese presidential crisis."

The Syrian diplomat called for dissociation between the two issues, as Syria looks forward to a large Arab attendance to face "challenges in the Arab region."

He stressed that Syria is keen on hosting the summit, assuring that it will "hold with convene despite absences."

The diplomat criticized the distrust in the Syrian Security Body. Adding that the assassination of Imad Mughniyeh in Damascus "should be placed in the right category," adding that Syria "will not cover up this issue, and will unveil the details to the world."

He concluded that the Arab Summit was held in less secure Arab countries and "there were no complaints."


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