Are there kangaroos in Mississippi?

Are people in Bay St. Louis seeing things or is there really a "kangaroo" running wild through town? The Mississippi town's animal control officer says he's been flooded with calls.

Are there kangaroos in Mississippi?

"We've had about five calls this week," says Dorty Necaise. "We're taking it seriously, but it has brought some fun and giggles to our job lately. And we've needed the laughs lately."

Bay St. Louis is still recovering from Hurricane Katrina. The "marsupial mystery" has many people tickled.

"Some people are going to think we're crazy here in Hancock County," says Corky Hadden. "Did the kangaroo was ashore with Katrina? All we know is that people are seeing something!"

"This isn't my typical dog and cat call," says Necaise. "I've had calls about dogs, cats, river otters and even alligators. But never a kangaroo!"


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