Atlasjet plane off course before crash in Turkey

The head of Turkey's civilian aviation authority has said an airliner that crashed last Friday killing all 57 people on board on its final approach was off its flight route and that it is not yet clear as to why.

Atlasjet plane off course before crash in Turkey
The Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) and Flight Data Recorder (FDR) of the Atlasjet plane that crashed last Friday would be sent abroad to a country with advanced lab facilities that could give results in a short time, Director General of Civil Aviation Ali Ariduru said on Monday.

Ariduru said in a press conference in Ankara that they would send the CVR and FDR of the plane found at the crash-site to an advanced lab in a foreign country on December 5th. Ariduru said 4 experts from Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) would also attend and oversee the analysing process.

Ariduru told reporters the cause of the crash would be scientifically revealed after the analysis and later a simulation of how the crash had occurred would be prepared.

Later Ariduru shared the findings of the crash site investigation team with the press:

According to initial findings the engines of the plane were functioning, and the landing gear was engaged during the crash and there were no findings that suggested a sabotage or fire in air.

The findings showed the navigational devices at the airport were fully functional and the calibration tests had been done in required intervals in compliance with procedures.

There were no issued NOTAM (Notice to Airmen) at the airport at the time of the crash and according to meteorological analysis there were no meteorological factors that could have caused the crash to occur.

"The voice recorder of the air traffic unit was functioning with a sound level of five, the voices were audible and there were no noises or interrupting frequencies. The airplane had no interruption in its communication with air units until the time of the crash.

There were no abnormalities reported to air traffic units by the plane's crew," said Ariduru.

On the other hand, Feridun Seren, an expert from the crash site investigation team showed an animation based on data (of the plane) supplied from the landing radar in Antalya, showing the landing route and explained the landing techniques according to aviation rules.

Seren said the plane had deviated from the pre-determined landing course and took a different course during landing.

Answering a question on whether the crash was caused by the pilot's error, Ariduru said, "it is impossible for us to make such remarks before those two devices (CVR and FDR) were analysed.

When asked if the plane took a wrong route, Ariduru said, "this is a finding, the route that should have been taken by the plane can be seen on the projected image(simulation). The place where the wreckage was found can also be seen there, but we don't know why it went there, it is not possible for us to say anything about the cause of that."


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