Australia to deport 16 Indonesian asylum seekers

Australia will deport 16 Indonesians who sought asylum as economic refugees after being picked up from a leaking fishing boat last month, the government said Friday.

Australia to deport 16 Indonesian asylum seekers
The three families, including 10 children, came from the Indonesian island of Roti, where fishermen have blamed an Australian crackdown on illegal fishing for destroying their livelihoods.

But Immigration Minister Chris Evans said his department had found the rescued group did not require protection under Australia's refugee obligations.

"On the information provided, my department is satisfied that they have not raised issues which might engage Australia's protection obligations," he said.

The families, who were rescued from their sinking boat in the Timor Sea 600 kilometres (375 miles) west of Darwin on November 20, would be returned to Indonesia as soon as it could be arranged with Jakarta.


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