Backwards feet, yes. Disabled, no / PHOTO

A Chinese waitress has refused a disability pension - despite being born with feet facing the wrong way.

Backwards feet, yes. Disabled, no / PHOTO

Chongqing resident Wang Fang, 27, says she has learned to live a normal life despite her condition, and refuses to be classed as disabled as she is capable of doing her job.

She said: "I can run faster than most of my friends and have a regular job as a waitress in the family restaurant."

Despite her unusual development, she insists that "there is no reason to class me as disabled."

At Wang Fang's birth, doctors were concerned that she would be unable to walk normally, but her family agree that she can not only walk perfectly well, she can in fact out-run most of them.

Ms Wang, a mother to a five-year-old boy - whose feet face the more usual forwards - is not looking for sympathy, and is certainly no benefit scrounger.

She said: "I can walk as well as anyone else, and even run faster than them.

"I'm like everyone else - except of course that I put my shoes on backwards."

Daily Telegraph

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