BBC chief won't resign over error

The head of BBC One said yesterday he would not resign after the broadcaster was forced to apologise to the queen for wrongly implying she had stormed out of a photo shoot.

BBC chief won't resign over error
The BBC blamed a production company for sending it clips edited out of sequence which implied the monarch had lost her temper when asked to remove her crown.

The promotional trailer for a documentary, which was shown to the media on Wednesday, wrongly gave the impression the queen had then stormed out of the shoot with American celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz.

Peter Fincham, the BBC One controller who presented the footage to journalists, said he had portrayed the events unaware they gave a false impression.

"What is regrettable is the mistake that was made in the editing of this particular sequence," he said.

"That came to light, came to my attention well after the presentation. That's why I'm here to apologise for it."

The queen, who was being filmed for the behind-the-scenes documentary, was depicted as apparently having flounced out of a room at Buckingham Palace with an aide carrying her robes.

The trailer showed Leibovitz asking the monarch, who had worn her crown and formal robes for the sitting, to remove her crown. The queen gave her an icy stare and replied: "Less dressy, what do you think this is?", pointing to her outfit.

The footage that followed showed the Queen walking briskly down a corridor, telling her staff: "I'm not changing anything. I've had enough dressing like this thank you very much."

But the footage which appeared to show her storming out was actually filmed earlier as she made her way to the sitting.


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