Big earthquake moves away from Istanbul

A scientist commented on the earthquake: "The earthquake is moving away from Istanbul. There need to be 20-30 earthquakes of 5 within a month to call it an initiator."

Big earthquake moves away from Istanbul
"If 20-30 earthquakes with a magnitude of 5 happen within a month, this can be considered as an initiator of a bigger earthquake," said Professor Sener Usumezsoy.

Usumezsoy commented on yesterday's earthquake of 4.8 shaking Marmara region: "the fault line which was broken is the bridge fault line between Cinarcik fault line which broke in 1999 and Gemlik fault line which broke in 2006. My thesis has been proven. Now earthquake will follow a path from Cinarcik to the south. Big earthquake in Istanbul is sham."

The earthquake with a magnitude of 4.8 in the Marmara happening on Wednesday evening caused panic in the citizens. Two following smaller earthquakes happened last night.

The specialists think that this is not an initiator of a bigger earthquake.

Usumezsoy stated that the earthquake of 4.8 has refuted the scenarios of a bigger earthquake in Istanbul.

Usumezsoy said: " The western part of the broken fault line is torn up to Esenkoy. Bozburun fault line continues to the southern part of Imralı. From now on, the fault line will have a path to the south; which means not towards Istanbul."


Güncelleme Tarihi: 14 Mart 2008, 16:57