Blogs, facebooks fresh key to Kuwait polls

No political observer in Kuwait has ever imagined that organized moves by young bloggers on their electronic spaces could be so effective that they contribute to the application of the five-constituency system.

Blogs, facebooks fresh key to Kuwait polls
They used blogs and facebooks to spur and raise the public opinion and to enchant some political forces.

Blogs and facebooks have become an influential campaign media means. No buts, most Internet users are youth and the discourse directed to them shows that candidates are well aware of their importance given the fact that the Kuwaiti society is mostly young.

Some candidates have tapped blogs as a fresh tool of campaigns to post their careers, having set up their own websites, thus opening fresh horizons for communication with an educated galaxy of voters.

Other candidates have used blogs to voice their views and to get closer to people in general.

Speaking to Kuwait News Agency (KUNA), some bloggers were concurrent that blogs had played a key role in the previous election and would play a bigger role in the forthcoming polls, viewing them as an optimal way to reach out a large community with less effort and money.

Blogs are largely a roam for interaction and dialogue between candidates and voters about the latter's platforms.

However, online polls are lacking in practical guarantees as they could be destined for specific purposes.

Some bloggers use their spaces to promote some candidates for social and political considerations and even for win-win deals. But, some people negatively view them as a breeding ground for fomenting tensions and disputes and for even pitching candidates against each other.

In conclusion, the Internet will be certainly an effective approach in the coming election of the Kuwaiti National Assembly (parliament) under the newly passed five-constituency system.
Güncelleme Tarihi: 28 Nisan 2008, 08:57