'Britain aprroves U.S. missile tracking system in secret'

Anti-nuclear activists say a plan to put a U.S. missile tracking shield in Britain was approved in secret and shows contempt for a public process.

'Britain aprroves U.S. missile tracking system in secret'
The plan approved by Defense Secretary Des Browne would permit the U.S. military to use a British base at Menwith Hill in North Yorkshire for a tracking system linked to U.S. satellites and interceptor missiles outside the United Kingdom, the BBC reported Sunday.

CND, an anti-nuclear group, called the plan "outrageous" and its approval a "total contempt for democracy and consultation," the BBC reported.

Britain's Foreign Affairs Select Committee called for full parliamentary debate after Browne said he never intended to keep the plan from the public.

Military officials in Washington claims the anti-ballistic missile system is needed to confront missiles from "rogue states" such as Iran or North Korea.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said the system is aimed at his country and could provoke a renewed arms race.


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