Britain seeks U.N. condemnation of Iran

Iran said the release of the female British sailor may be delayed. Meanwhile, Britain is seeking condemnation of Iran at the United Nations.

Britain seeks U.N. condemnation of Iran

Iranmay delay the release of the female British sailor if Britain takesthe issue to the UN Security Councilor freezes relations, the country's top negotiator Ali Larijani saidThursday. The Foreign Office in London, meanwhile,said Britain is seekingcondemnation of Iranat the United Nations.

Speaking on Iranian state radio, Larijani said: "British leaders havemiscalculated this issue." If Britain follows through with its policies onthe 15 British sailors and marines detained by Iran last week, Larijani said"this case may face a legal path" — a clear reference to Iran'sprosecuting the sailors in court.

"There are some plans to say something on behalf of theUnited Nations (about the seized British military personnel) but they have notbeen finalized," said a Foreign Office official, speaking on condition ofanonymity because he was unauthorized to speak on the subject. Britain asked the Security Council to support acall for the immediate release of the detainees, saying in a statementWednesday they were operating in Iraqi waters under a mandate from the SecurityCouncil and at the request of Iraq,according to council diplomats, speaking on condition of anonymity because thetext was not released.

On Wednesday, Britainannounced it was freezing relations with Iran

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