British Queen Elizabeth II to visit Turkey in May

British Queen Elizabeth will pay a visit to Turkey in May, and will be hosted by the Turkish President Abdullah Gul, diplomats said on Tuesday.

British Queen Elizabeth II to visit Turkey in May
Turkish and British Foreign Ministry officials are still working on details for Queen Elizabeth's May visit, and because of security precautions, the exact dates of her visit have not been announced.

The precise dates are to be officially announced by Buckingham Palace shortly prior to her visit, as it customary with all of Queen Elizabeth's foreign trips.

Diplomats said that the Queen's program will include not only a stay in Ankara, but also a visit to Istanbul. The Queen will be accompanied on her visit to Turkey by her husband, Prince Philip.

According to information provided by authorities, a British war ship will arrive in Istanbul in correspondence with Queen Elizabeth's visit, and it is expected that the British monarch will be hosting a reception on board this ship.

Gul will also be hosting a dinner in honor of Queen Elizabeth's visit at the Cankaya Presidential Palace in Ankara.

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