Bulgarian Muslims receive Eid Al-Adha with joy

Bulgarian Muslims received Eid Al-Adha with most joy through numerous traditional celebrations and social trends famous in this part of the world.

Bulgarian Muslims receive Eid Al-Adha with joy

The more than one million Bulgarian Muslims could be divided into two main sects, those of Turkish ancestry who live in the east region of the country and Pomaks Bulgarians who converted to Islam during the Ottoman rule in the pervious century.

Due to the ethnic diversity of Bulgarian Muslims, celebration of Eid Al-Ahda differs where Turks' celebrations tend to be of Turkish traditions. Other Bulgarian Muslim festivities amplify the mountain people's celebration of Eid.

Professor of Islamic studies at Sofia's University, Dr Yordan Piev said in remarks to KUNA, "celebrations are really unique with some Muslims holding group parties to celebrate those who are going to be performing Hajj."

"Also the Pomaks would gather after Eid prayer to congratulate each others on the occasion and sacrifice sheep in the city's square, offering meat for everybody," said Piev.


Güncelleme Tarihi: 21 Aralık 2007, 19:24