Bush: US will work to prevent Kosovo backlash

President Bush said Sunday that the U.S will work with its allies to try to prevent violent clashes after the anticipated declaration of independence by Kosovo.

Bush: US will work to prevent Kosovo backlash
Kosovo is expected to declare its independence from Serbia on Sunday.

"The United States will continue to work with our allies to the very best we can to make sure there's no violence," Bush said in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, during his five-nation tour of Africa.

"We are heartened by the fact that the Kosovo government has clearly proclaimed its willingness and its desire to support Serbian rights in Kosovo," he said.

"We also believe it's in Serbia's interest to be aligned with Europe and the Serbian people can know that they have a friend in America."

On Saturday, European Union nations agreed to send a 1,800-strong mission to Kosovo to help the fledgling state build its police force and judiciary. The mission will include 700 police officers, as well as judges, prosecutors and other legal experts, to help the ethnic Albanian leadership with security, legal and customs issues after Kosovo breaks away from Serbia.

In Belgrade, Serbia's government condemned the decision by the 27-nation bloc, denouncing it as "shameful."


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