Canadian Muslim girl not killed over hijab: report

A Canadian Muslim girl murdered this week by her father was not killed for refusing to wear a hijab, her second family said, according to a National Post report Saturday.

Canadian Muslim girl not killed over hijab: report

Lubna Tahir, at whose house 16 year old Aqsa Parvez was staying after leaving her own home in Toronto's Mississauga suburb, branded as "rumors" news stories that Parvez's father killed her for not wearing the Muslim headscarf.

Tahir insisted that Parvez was religiously observant but mainly had wanted to be more independent and "to get more out of life," and so had asked to move in with the Tahirs in the same neighborhood.

"She was satisfied, she was relaxed that somehow her parents understood that this is what she wanted to do, and they didn't push her to come home," Tahir told the National Post.

Pakistan-native cab driver Muhammad Parvez, 57, was arrested at his home Monday where Aqsa was found by emergency workers near death.

According to Tahir, an immigration consultant who also immigrated from Pakistan, Parvez had gone back home to pick up some clothes.

Police said in a statement they received an emergency call at 7:55 am local time from "a man who indicated that he had just killed his daughter."

The girl later died in the hospital, and an autopsy determined that the cause of death was "neck compression."

In the days after her death, friends of the girl told media that Parvez frequently clashed with her estranged family over her reluctance to wear a hijab.

"She would tell us how her dad would always yell at her and how he wanted her to be someone else," her friend Natalie Rance, 14, told the daily Toronto Star.

But Tahir insisted that the girl's four older sisters were also not forced to wear the hijab all the time at home.

She also rejected reports that Parvez had a secret boyfriend.

Even so, it was not the first time she had left home, according to the National Post. It said Parvez ran away from home in September, when she fled to a women's shelter.


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