Candidates wrap up campaigns as elections near

Occupied Jerusalem - With only forty-eight hours left before the start of the crucial parliamentary elections in the Israeli-occupied territories.

Candidates wrap up campaigns as elections near

Palestinian political factions as well as independent candidates are making a last appeal to voters for their support on election day.
In the southern West Bank town of Hebron, Hamas candidates scoured through villages and hamlets along the former armistice line between Israel and the West Bank, visiting local clan diwans (meeting places), endearing themselves to mostly friendly audiences.

Hamas enjoys more popularity in the cities and large population centers and is hoping to perform well in the countryside as well.

At the village of Ithna, 20 kilometers west of Hebron, Hamas's Change and Reform's candidate Nayef Rajoub asked villagers to give their trust to "whomever you think is honest, able and strong."

"I haven't come here to beg for votes, I've come to urge you to give your trust to whomever you think deserves it, to those who will be faithful to your hopes, to those who will never let you down."

When asked how Hamas would behave if on the next day after the election it became apparent it won a majority of seats in the Palestinian legislative council, Rajoub said "we will not flinch from shouldering our responsibilities."

"We will not flee from carrying our responsibility, we will not fail or betray those who elected us. You tried us in the resistance field, and we will not fail you in the political field as well."

Source: Palestinian Information Center

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