Castro uncertain for May Day parade

Cuban leader Castro is uncertain that he planned an appearance this year.

Castro uncertain for May Day parade
Cuba geared up for its May Day march featuring hundreds of thousands of workers, an event Fidel Castro has attended for decades. But the Cuban leader gave no indication Monday that he planned an appearance this year.

The 80-year-old leader has not appeared in public in the nine months since he announced he underwent emergency intestinal surgery and temporarily ceded his duties to his 75-year-old brother Raul, the defense minister.

In a statement late Monday, Castro referred to the event but gave no hint whether he would attend. Instead, he reiterated his opposition to U.S. plans to use food crops to produce ethanol for cars, predicting that American fuel needs would be provided with the labor of the world's impoverished sugar cane workers.

"Tomorrow the 1st of May is a good day to carry these reflections to the workers and all of the poor people of the world," Castro said.

Bolivia's leftist leader suggested recently that Castro could appear in public on May 1, but Cuban officials said nothing to support that.
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