Center for Political System in Islam

Professor Saeed Abdullah Hareb, advisor to the Vice Chancellor of the UAE University, has proposed the establishment of a research center for the study of the political system in Islam, which was immediately welcomed and supported by a leading US-based sc

Center for Political System in Islam

"Establishing this center should lead to creating a complete and integrated project for the political system in Islam that handles all related details from a Shari`ah perspective and in light of the current contemporary circumstances," he told the 16th session of the European Council for Fatwa and Research (ECFR), currently in session here.

He called for joining forces to combine the scattered efforts and endeavors made in this regard.

The expert also underlined the need to revisit some of the important issues of the Shari`ah-based politics or the Islamic political system such as dividing the world into two divisions; dar al-harb and dar al-Islam (Abode of War and Abode of Islam).

"This division cannot be applied nowadays in the modern world because these things were not Shari`ah-based in the first place, but they were historical issues that should be put in their rightful context."

The ECFR conference focuses on participation in the political life by European Muslims.

Themed "The Political Fiqh for the Muslim Minorities in Europe", the meeting brings together a galaxy of prominent and eminent Muslim scholars from different European countries.

The ECFR, which aims to serve Muslims living in the West and facilitate their positive integration into society while preserving their Islamic identity, meets twice a year in Europe, with one session always held in its permanent headquarters in Dublin.

Due Attention

Professor Hareb said that the political system in Islam did not receive the due attention it deserves in terms of research and study compared to the other aspects of Islamic jurisprudence.

"It should be given first priority and especially those issues that are related to the changes in time and place," he insisted.

He said many things attached to the political system in Islam have been comprehended in terms of study and research as attached to history more than in relation to the broad juristic principles and the Shari`ah-based texts.

"Thus, it is very important that these issues should be revisited in light of these principles and Shari`ah-based texts in order not to establish juristic rulings based on specific historical incidents."

Professor Hareb said there is no specific format or model for the political system in Islam that should be strictly adopted.

"Our endeavors should be directed to the objectives of the political system and not to its format. Also, we should exert ourselves not to establish the Caliphate, but to establish a sound Islamic political system."

He also stressed the importance of studying terminologies such as "governance", "sovereignty" and "Power of the Ummah" along with others in light of the Shari`ah-based texts and the practical application in order for these terminologies not to be misunderstood or abused.


"I think the establishment of this center is necessary and is of great importance to Islam and Muslims all over the world," Sultan said. (IOL picture).

Dr. Salah Sultan, President of the American Center for Islamic Research, Ohio, USA, welcomed the establishment of the proposed research center.

"I think the establishment of this center is necessary and is of great importance to Islam and Muslims all over the world," he told

"I call upon all Muslim researchers to attend to this aspect of the Islamic Fiqh through researching the ever-changing political reality."

Sultan said that "though our preceding prominent Muslim scholars have researched some issues related to the then future political fiqh, many of our researchers today leave the factual reality and bury themselves in the past and overlook what is happening around them."

On dividing the world into dar al-harb and dar al-Islam, he said: "I think we should differentiate between the Shari`ah-based text and the religious thinking of the text.This division is an historical one that concern itself with the religious thinking of the text and not the text itself. Thus, this issue should be passed and the world should be seen as dar al-Islam and dar da`wah (Islamic call), and not a dar-harb."


Source: IslamOnline

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