Central American leaders plan to abolish immunity for legislators

Central American leaders attending an extraordinary summit in El Salvador presented a proposal to the Central American Parliament (Parlacen), urging the body to deprive its legislators of immunity from prosecution.

Central American leaders plan to abolish immunity for legislators
El Salvador's Foreign Minister Marisol Argueta said if the proposal was adopted it would safeguard the interests of American countries.

The proposal came after Parlacen lawmaker Mario Osorto was sentenced to four years in jail after being found guilty of corruption and using false documents.

However, Osorto was only tried after being deprived of immunity and questions remain on the legality of the way in which he was stripped of state protection.

Argueta hoped the stripping of privileges would be carried out through Parlacen.

The Extraordinary Central American Summit, starting Wednesday in El Salvador's capital, San Salvador, focused on the reform of Parlacen, which is widely criticized throughout the region for as being inefficient and having expensive membership fees.

Other issues on the agenda include reform of Central America's judiciary system to achieve juridical security, common well-being, and full justice for all Central American residents.

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