China kills US pigeons to send safety message

China, hit by accusations of shoddy and dangerous exports, sent its own message to Washington by announcing it had seized and killed a shipment of 41 US homing pigeons.

China kills US pigeons to send safety message
China has faced an outcry over lax product safety, including toxic ingredients in medicine that killed patients in Panama and toothpaste made with an industrial solvent.

While acknowledging serious problems, Beijing has accused international media of alarmism and pointedly blocked US and European goods it said were also substandard.

China's latest messenger in this tit-for-tat was a batch of 41 live pigeons shipped from the United States, according to a government website.

Airport inspectors discovered problems with the birds, which were slaughtered and incinerated.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 28 Temmuz 2007, 16:57