China to buy 150 helicopters from Poland

China will buy 150 helicopters from Poland'sPZL Swidnik over 10 years under an agreement signed between the Polish aircraft firm and China's Jiujiang aeronautics plant, PZL Swidnik confirmed Wednesday.

China to buy 150 helicopters from Poland
'It is a framework agreement for co-operation over a decade. We will deliver three types of helicopters: PZL Sokol, PZL Kania and SW-4, according to orders that will be specified on a yearly basis,' PZL Swidnik spokesman Jan Mazur said.

A standard version PZL Sokol helicopter costs 4.0 million dollars ( 2.6 million euros), while a SW-4 costs less than a million dollars.

'We also intend to assemble our PZL Sokol machines in China,' Mazur said, but declined to provide further details.

According to Poland's Rzeczpospolita daily, PZL's Chinese partner is preparing the ground for the assembly plant.

Poland's State Treasury controls 87 percent of the PZL Swidnik aeronautics manufacturer, while the remaining shares are held, among others, by the municipality of Swidnik, southeast Poland.

Italy's Agusta company is reported to have purchased a share in PZL Swidnik.


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