Chinese food poisoning cases

More than 60 migrant workers were hospitalized after eating at a construction site cafeteria in the third mass food poisoning incident to hit China in a week, state media reported Tuesday.

Chinese food poisoning cases

The workers were taken to Shanghai hospital Tuesday morning after being diagnosed with food poisoning, Xinhua News Agency said. All are reported to be in stable condition.

The cause of the poisoning was not known. It follows the suspected poisoning on Monday of 19 middle-school students who were hospitalized after eating in a school cafeteria in Changchun, the capital of northern Jilin province. All were in stable condition after being hospitalized.

Last week, more than 200 people became ill and one person died in Harbin in northeastern China after they ate a hospital breakfast suspected of being contaminated with rat poison. Mass poisonings are common in China, which has been struggling to improve a dismal food safety record.


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