Chirac Apologizes to Erdogan

Reactions against the French parliament's vote on Thursday to pass a bill making it a crime to deny an Armenian genocide continue to reverberate.

Chirac Apologizes to Erdogan

French President Jacques Chirac telephoned Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan to say that he felt sorry that the bill was approved and added he would try his best to prevent it from becoming law.

In the early Saturday morning talk, Chirac said that the events in France were related to the upcoming general presidential elections.

Erdogan, reporting the outrage of Turkish public opinion, told Chirac that they should never sacrifice their relationship for politics.

Demanding that the draft not be legalized, Erdogan also condemned statements Chirac previously released during his visit to Armenia.

The French president sought to link Turkey's EU membership process with a call for the recognition of a genocide claim.

The statements were harshly condemned by Turkish public opinion. Erdogan told him that it was impossible for Turkey to tolerate such an attitude.

The French president pointed out that votes of Armenians in the country had far reaching influence on the event, and he added that there was no change on the relationship between both countries.

Chirac also ensured that the bill approved by the French parliament would not influence Turkey's EU negotiations in any way.

Reportedly, Erdogan commented that the draft proposal in France went against freedom of expression principles enshrined in the French constitution.

He added that it was impossible to explain the proposal to the Turkish people in a sensible and reasonable way.

"The matter concerns only Turkey and Armenia. We feel sorry that in research, the domain of historians, is being used politically."

Chirac promised he would continue to support Turkey's EU process, adding he really understood Turkey's reactions on the issue.

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