CIA Carries Out 50 Secret Operations

Senior sources from the US intelligence community have acknowledged that the CIA has used extraordinary mission.

CIA Carries Out 50 Secret Operations

This was one of the main conclusions presented at a press conference in Strasbourg on Wednesday by a European Parliament committee investigating allegations of illegal CIA activities in Europe, said a press release issued by the EP.

"Senior sources from the America intelligence community confirmed that between 30 and 50 extraordinary operations have been undertaken in the world since 2001.

"We also got a list from Human Rights Watch with the names of 27 presumed terrorists held under American custody in unknown places," said the rapporteur of the committee, Italian MEP Claudio Fava.

Fava said that American State Department Legal Advisor John Bellinger, one of the American representatives to appear before the committee, "neither confirmed nor denied the existence of extraordinary renditions."

Asked by journalists about the existence of detention centers in Europe, Fava said that "a firsthand source" had confirmed "the existence of seven black sites operated by the CIA in countries of Asia, Europe and Africa."

"The secret centers in Europe were closed down following the public pressure exerted by the media, but there is a black site still operating in a North African country."

Source: IRIB

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