Commemoration of Occupation of Palestinian Lands

Palestinians commemorate the 30th anniversary of Land Day challenging Israeli confiscations

Commemoration of Occupation of Palestinian Lands

Palestinians began commemorating the Land Day when Israeli occupation forces killed 6 Palestinians in 1967, during a protest against an Israeli decision to confiscate large swathes of Arab land in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. This year, the commemoration comes at a time when Israel decided to expand its borders that incorporate larger West Bank settlements, pursuing a unilateral pullout plan.

Security was high as Palestinians prepared to demonstrate throughout the West Bank to commemorate the Palestinian Land Day. Police kept the Al-Aqsa holy mosque compound completely closed throughout the day.
For 30 years, Palestinians annually commemorate the Land Day.

On this day in 1976, Palestinian masses took to the streets to protest Israel's decision to confiscate lands in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, 11 years after UN resolution that called for Israel to withdraw from the territory. Israel then killed six Palestinians as they protested in lands occupied in 1948.

The Palestinian popular committee at Bared refugee camp in north Lebanon said that Palestinians across the globe proved to the world that they are united, and the sacrifices of Palestinians in Gaza, the West Bank and those living in lands occupied in 1948 known as Arab Israelis are the same.

The group said that the commemoration will continue as long as Israel continues its occupation.

A Hamas official in Lebanon Ali Barakah stressed on the decision by the Palestinian people to retain all their land and for the return of refugees back to their land from which they were expelled in 1948.
Israel's attempt 30 years ago was aimed at denying Palestinians the right to have their own authority on this land, a move that much reminds of the latest developments nowadays.

This year's anniversary comes just two days after Kadima party headed by acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert won elections on the platform of drawing Israel's final borders without negotiations with the Palestinians.
Whether it is for security reasons or because there is no partner in peace, as Israel claims, the expanded Israeli borders means that it will enclose swathes of Palestinian land in the West Bank, while appearing to give the Palestinians a state.

But in fact Palestinians will remain under Israel's control just like in Gaza, and yet the move is most likely to win the approval of the international community. Jonathan Cook a writer and journalist wrote for the Daily Star saying that the left party labor or the right-wing party the Likud all and the centrist Kadima all have one policy and : ensure Israel's continuing grip on the land of so-called "Greater Israel", but the difference was how to achieve this. He continued saying that with Kadima government up and running in the coming days and weeks it will be Israel's unilateralism as usual and a real peace will be nowhere on the agenda.

Source: Al Manar

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