Conservatives in UK gain historic lead over ruling Labor

A new poll published on Friday showed the opposition Conservative Party has opened up its biggest lead over ruling Labor since Margaret Thatcher was at the height of her powers as Prime Minister almost 20 years ago.

Conservatives in UK gain historic lead over ruling Labor
The exclusive YouGov poll for the Daily Telegraph found Tories gained 43 percent of support, 11 percentage points ahead of Labor.

Tory's lead, in the wake of the Northern Rock crisis, the loss of 25 million child benefit records and the party funding scandal, indicates a freefall on the part of Gordon Brown's government.

The poll also showed that over 60 percent of those surveyed are either "very worried" or "somewhat worried" that there will be an economic downturn in the next two years. And many people are questioning the government's ability to deal with the crisis.

A total of 33 percent said Tory leader David Cameron was now more likely to run Britain's economy well compared to 32 percent who favored Brown.

Only two months ago, the Conservative Party lagged behind Labor by 11 points and were facing the prospect of a landslide defeat in an early election.


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