Court of Appeal Squashes Release, Agca Returns to Prison After 8 Days

The Court of Appeals annulled a decree by Kartal High Criminal Court to release Mehmet Ali Agca, the would-be-assassin of Pope John Paul II and the killer of a Turkish journalist-writer Abdi Ipekci.

Court of Appeal Squashes Release, Agca Returns to Prison After 8 Days

The Court concluded Friday Agca was released on grounds of some miscalculation when the Court officials received a written decree from the Ministry of Justice to re-arrest Agca.

The 20 years of prison that Agca served in Italy cannot be subtracted from the period he must serve in prison in Turkey, the court officials said.

In addition, Agca can only take advantage of the law adopted in 1991 as one of the three "amnesty" laws, which reduced Agca's sentence to 10 years, same officials told.

A police investigation was launched to find Agca's whereabouts immediately after the ruling. The police managed to arrest Agca in a Kartal house amid doubts that he might have fled. "I was expecting you," Agca said to police officers upon their arrival, according to reporters.

He will be sentenced to four more years in prison.

Another four-year prison sentence might be added to the other two separate crimes of usurp, pushing Agca release to 2014.

Shouting, "I am the messiah, and I declare the end of the world," Agca re-asserted his claims of being the Messiah while he entered the police station. Afterwards he was imprisoned against late at Friday night.

Agca's freedom after 25 years does not last long

Agca was set free on the third day of the Feast of Sacrifice (Eid al-Adha) on January 12.

Agca was followed by an army of reporters, both domestic and foreign; upon his release, Agca's military service was the first issue to be officially settled.

Granted with a report from the Gulhane Military Academy of Medicine that disqualified him from military service, the infamous prisoner of recent times was wondering around in the rain, reporters said afterwards, because he was not spotted at the time of his short trip.

Agca was made an eight million dollars offer to take up a role in a movie picturing Pope Jean Paul II assassinated, the Italian magazine Gente claimed. At the time of his arrest, Agca had his famous blue pullover on.

Source: Zaman

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