Court ruling taken with 'political motives': Turk opposition

Leader of Nationalist Movement Party Bahceli said the constitutional court should not ignore the parliament and the national will.

Court ruling taken with 'political motives': Turk opposition
Turkish opposition Leader Devlet Bahceli said Tuesday that Turkey was going through a period where: Turkey's top courts and the government became parties to a dispute being fought publicly, and its Constitutional Court interfered with the power of the legislative branch.

Speaking at his party's parliamentary group meeting, Leader of Nationalist Movement Party Bahceli referred to the recent ruling of the Constitutional Court on headscarf and said it would bear serious consequences and have long lasting effects.

Bahceli suggested the Constitutional Court has created a new case law and the headscarf issue was dropped from Turkey's agenda until a new era with conditions to change this case law came along.

"However, this will not prevent us from voicing certain facts echoing in the consciences of the people. With the annulment of the said arrangements, headscarf issue, a sociologic fact of the Turkish society was not overcome. The bleeding wound has turned into gangrene," added Bahceli.

Bahceli regarded the court's overruling as a decision taken with political motives rather than jural ones and said this opened the legitimacy of the decision to discussion: whether the court exceeded its powers and usurped the parliament's powers.

"In a democratic regime with rule of law, it is not possible to exercise a power that does not rest on the constitution. Keeping the constitutional court out of political discussions, and refraining from making it a tool or a party to political conflicts is of crucial importance. There is no doubt about that. But it is as much important for the constitutional court to refrain from ignoring the parliament where the national will manifests itself and therefore avoid interfering with powers of the legislative branch and literally turning the separation of powers principle to hierarchy of powers," said Bahceli.

"This atmosphere of chaos --where the political tensions are escalating uncontrolled, where a conflict of powers is taking place between the principle bodies of the republic, where constitutional organs are dragged into legitimacy discussions and harmed-- has left Turkey face to face with serious threats," said Bahceli.

Bahceli said his party was ready to sincerely consider any proposal to be made by Prime Minister Erdogan in order to save the political regime from crisis and contribute to the normalisation of politics.


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