Czech government survives second no-confidence vote

The Czech centre-right ruling coalition Wednesday survived a vote of no confidence, the second in its 10 months in power.

Czech government survives second no-confidence vote
In line with expectations, the leftist opposition parties failed to muster the 101 votes in the 200-seat chamber needed to topple the government.

The opposition was four votes short, with only 97 out of 198 members of parliament present voting in favour of its proposal.

The cabinet already survived a vote of no confidence in June, then sparked by a high-profile probe into allegations that Christian Democratic leader and then vice-premier Jiri Cunek had accepted a bribe in 2002.

Cunek has since stepped down from his cabinet posts of deputy prime minister and minister for regional development. Prosecutors recently shelved his case and the Christian Democrats backed Cunek's intention to return to the government on Tuesday.

Czech Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek, who has the right to chose ministers, on Wednesday called Cunek's comeback "rushed," CTK news agency reported.

The Czech ruling coalition includes Topolanek's senior Civic Democrats, the junior Christian Democrats and the junior Greens.


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