Dahlan Purchases a 100-million-dollar Tower in Dubai

Former Security Chief Dahlan's Extravagance

Dahlan Purchases a 100-million-dollar Tower in Dubai

While Palestinians are suffering from a strangling financial crisis that got worse as European states and the US administration suspended direct aid to the Palestinian people, sources close to the Palestinian embassy in the UAE revealed that Mohammed Dahlan, a Fatah MP, had signed a contract to buy a tower worth 100 million dollars in Dubai during a recent visit to that emirate.

The tower would be added to the chain of private projects Dahlan owns in a number of countries some of which are located in South Africa where he owns two food factories run by a close associate.

Dahlan is currently planning to receive 42 million dollars in international aid the US and EU states had promised to transfer to Palestinian public organizations after re-organizing a number of Gazan organizations, closely linked to him, for this purpose.

Source: The Palestinian Information Center

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