Despotic decisions of YÖK are vehemently criticized

YÖK (Higher Education Council) insists on prohibition of headscarves.

Despotic decisions of YÖK are vehemently criticized

Millions of high school graduates will start applying for the university entrance exam.

University aspirants can apply at  ÖSS (Student Selection Examination) application centers to be set up in all high schools and Student Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM) offices. Applications via mail will be accepted if the applicants are not physically fit to go to application centers. YÖK declares that lady applicatns no matter of whose children they are obliged to give photos without headscarves. Moreover, YÖK restricts IHL (Imam-Hatip Scholls  belongs to Turkish Republic) graduates to choose any department except theology faculty at ÖSS for their religious education system.

On the other hand, education Experts state that YÖK (Higher Education Council) has been always very big obstacle on human rights, freedom and gender equality. YÖK was established after military coup of 1980. It is known by Turkish Public as a centre of partizan members of secularist  academicians most of whom are generally being blamed of corruption, bribery, flattery, unjust appointments,malpractices and malversations of state resources. Currently, legal authorities and TBMM Commission ( Grand National Assembly of Turkey) are inspecting accusations of huge malpractices at 19 Mayis University. Before this investigation, Yucel Askin, rector of Van University had been arrested and jailed for aforementioned crimes and smuggling of historical materials.


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