Disneyland Paris accused of racism for hiring white staff

A report by anti-racism campaign accused Euro Disney of discriminating against people who were not white.

Disneyland Paris accused of racism for hiring white staff

France's main anti-racism organisation says Disneyland Paris has a policy of hiring European workers because most people who visit the theme park are also white.

A bailiff inspected Disneyland Paris on Wednesday and the inspection was ordered by a court in Meaux, outside Paris.

A report by anti-racism campaign group SOS Racisme, accused Euro Disney of discriminating against people who were not white when recruiting "cast members" for its Disneyland Paris resort.

"We can confirm that on the morning of Wednesday, November 4, a bailiff visited the site of Disneyland Paris to inspect personnel documents and the Disneyland Paris recruitment site," the Disneyland Paris spokesman said.

In the report issued on Wednesday, SOS Racisme detailed a series of practices which it said discriminated against people of African, Caribbean or Arab origin looking for work at Disneyland Paris.

The company's policies, according to the group, were based on the assumption that as most of the customers were white Europeans, most of the staff should be of the same origin.

The report also named several other bodies including companies and public housing organisations in a broad attack on what it said was the widespread practice of ethnic filtering in selection for jobs and housing.

National airline Air France, employment agency Adecco and Japanese carmaker Nissan were named as being among the worst offenders.

SOS Racisme also said that on the Disneyland Paris recruitment website, the resort required candidates to choose a nationality from a drop-down menu that included sub-categories of French people.

The menu included several of France's overseas territories like Guadeloupe and Martinique in the Caribbean and La Reunion in the Indian Ocean as if they were separate nationalities.

People from those islands, of whom the majority are black, are full French citizens.

The Disneyland Paris spokesman rejected the report, suggesting that the company noted the geographical origin of staff as part of a standard annual report companies drew up on staff issues like living conditions, training, pay and social charges.

The report coincides with a new six-month long French government trial in which job applicants at major firms in seven parts of France will no longer have to reveal their age, sex or nationality on their CV.

Racial profiling can be punished in France with a £1.3 million fine for companies or five years in prison and a £280,000 fine for individuals.


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