Doctor to be tried for six years jail sentence

The doctor operating on the 5.5-year-old girl Emine who died just after the tonsillectomy operation has been sued. The doctor will be tried for six years jail sentence.

Doctor to be tried for six years jail sentence
The family of Emine Nur Nalbant who died after a tonsillectomy in May said: "her throat had a bleeding after the surgery. The doctor told us to put some ice on it and then it will be all right. However, Emine died two days later."

On 8 May 2007, 5.5-year-old Emine Nur Nalbant was taken to Hospitalium Health Hospital in Istanbul, Bahçelievler with a complaint of tonsils.

Emine had a tonsillectomy operation after the examination.

The little girl had some bleeding in her throat after the operation and was taken to the hospital again. The girl died at the second operation.

The family now holds the doctor and the hospital responsible for her death and has opened an action against them.

The indictment said that the operation was carried out by the surgeon Suleyman Kumbasar.


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