Drug smugglers working for PKK apprehended at Kapıkule

The police seized drugs and apprehended criminal gang members at the Kapıkule border gate near Edirne on Friday.

Drug smugglers working for PKK apprehended at Kapıkule

The Security General Directorate and the Customs Undersecretariat have joined forces to fight against drug smuggling conducted through Turkey to European countries by a criminal gang that has connections to the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK).

In a joint Turkish-Romanian police operation code-named "Maske" (mask), Turkish police seized 58 kilograms of drugs and apprehended the truck driver as well as four people while Romanian police apprehended the buyers, T.E. and M.Ç., members of the gang in charge of the organization's Romania and Moldavia operations.

Coordinated by the directorate's anti-smuggling and organized crime department, the Maske operation was initiated jointly with Romanian police approximately 10 months ago. The police followed phone calls of the criminal ring in question and found out that T.E. and M.Ç. were preparing to smuggle a large amount of drugs through Turkey. The operation began as the police followed the organization's connections in İstanbul, Hakkari and Edirne and were informed that drugs smuggled from Iran were on their way to Europe.

In Europe, T.E. and M.Ç. were reportedly going to take the drugs to Germany and Holland, to provide financing for the PKK. In addition, police discovered that T.E., wanted by the İstanbul police for smuggling, and M.Ç. have several documents revealing their connection to the PKK. The Justice Ministry has demanded their extradition to Turkey.


Güncelleme Tarihi: 15 Aralık 2007, 15:04