Dutch cargo ship collides with migrant boat, 10 Algerians drown

The crew of a Dutch cargo ship which is thought to have collided with a migrants' boat causing it to capsize rescued two of the 12 passengers from the stricken vessel.

Dutch cargo ship collides with migrant boat, 10 Algerians drown
It is believed the cargo ship, the Fair partner, operated by the Rotterdam company Jumbo Shipping, collided with the smaller boat powered by an outboard motor causing it to capsize in the Mediterranean Sea Monday, Radio Netherlands reported Wednesday.

The Dutch crew also found a body in the water, but the remaining nine people are missing.

The incident occurred about 200 kilometers off the Algerian coast. The migrants are thought to be Algerians who were trying to reach southern Spain.

The Dutch transport and waterways inspection service is investigating the incident, Radio Netherlands said.

The Dutch cargo ship was traveling to Oran in Algeria when the incident happened. The ship handed the survivors and the body over to an Algerian patrol boat which took them to Algeria, the DPA news agency reported.

A Spanish rescue vessel as well as a French helicopter and warship were searching for survivors or bodies.

It is believed that many African would-be immigrants drown or die on board boats each year while attempting to cross to Spain.


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