Dutch far right MP plans anti-Islam film

The Dutch government on Wednesday expressed concern at plans by far right lawmaker Geert Wilders to make an anti-Islam film.

Dutch far right MP plans anti-Islam film
Foreign Minister Maxime Verhagen met with the head of the far right Freedom Party to highlight the risks of such a film, the minister's spokesman said.

'After Wilders announced he was making an anti-Islam film, minister Verhagen met with him to point out the risks in making such a movie for himself and his entourage and for the Netherlands and the Dutch interests abroad,' Verhagen's spokesman Bart Rijs said.

Wilder's party holds nine of the 150 seats in parliament.

Wilders is known for his provocations against Muslims, been under round-the-clock protection.

Previously he has called for a ban on the Koran and an end to immigration by Muslims.

According to Dutch media, Wilders plans to air the film on television in January but Dutch public broadcasters said they have received no request to show the movie.

Another possibility would be to air the film in special airtime given to all political parties.


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