Dutch high school pupils rally in Amsterdam

Some 15,000 Dutch high school pupils rallied in Amsterdam Friday in protest against the government-set minimum of 1,040 teaching hours per year.

Dutch high school pupils rally in Amsterdam

The teachers' unions AOB and CNV also joined the protests.

Compared with earlier protests, Friday's rally took place in a relatively orderly manner. This was due to precautionary measures taken by the high school students themselves.

Nevertheless, the Amsterdam police said it made a total of 60 arrests.

At the rally, the Dutch high school pupils association (LAKS) debated with politicians and demanded that the full cabinet takes a position about the so-called government-set 1,040 minimum of teaching hours for all high schools.

LAKS claims schools comply with the minimum primarily by forcing pupils to remain at school without providing extra classes.

According to LAKS and the teaching unions, schools lack the financial resources and teaching staff to teach the government-set minimum.

Advocating quality instead of quantity, the high school pupils and teachers say schools should decide for themselves to teach anywhere between 960 and 1,040 hours per year.


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