Dutch MP quits over asylum lies

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the controversial Somali-born member of the Dutch parliament, has said she will resign and leave the country after admitting lying in her asylum application. Ali lied about her name, her age, and the fact that she didn't escape directly t

Dutch MP quits over asylum lies

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Somali-born Dutch MP who became an outspoken critic of Islam, will quit parliament and move to the United States after admitting that she lied to gain asylum in the Netherlands, The Times Online reported.

It was revealed that Hirsi Ali, 36, lied to the Dutch authorities to win refugee status in 1992 about her name, her age, and the fact that she didn't escape directly to Holland from Somalia.

She obtained Dutch citizenship in 1997, and was elected to parliament in 2003.

A TV documentary recently exposed the lies of Ali, who claimed that she escaped war-torn Somalia after she was forced to marry a cousin she'd never met. Her relatives, including her brother, said she had never been forced into marriage, and had no reason to leave her family.

Ali herself admitted that she lied to win asylum. "Yes, I did lie to get asylum in Holland. I invented a story that would be consistent with the conditions for asylum," she told reporters.

Dutch immigration minister, Rita Verdonk, who's running for the parliamentary leadership of Ali's political party, the VVD, said she would order an investigation of her colleague's case, saying: "Laws and rules are valid for everyone".

Ali lives under constant police guard, after receiving death threats following her co-operation with slain director Theo Van Gogh in producing an anti-Islamic movie which claims that Qur'an allows domestic violence against women.

Ali, who could lose her Dutch citizenship, will move to Washington DC, to work for the neo-conservative think-tank, the American Enterprise Institute, which played a key role in advising the Bush Administration on foreign policy, Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant reported.

The politican, who describes herself as a "lapsed" Muslim, has become popular in Europe by condemning European governments for not standing against the spread of the Islamic religion in the continent. She has repeatedly attacked multiculturalism, and this year she defended the publication of the offensive cartoons of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that were first published by a Dutch newspaper.

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