Duwaik from his cell: Israel is nearing its end

Dr. Aziz Duwaik, the PLC speaker, on Sunday said that his kidnap at the hands of IOF troops from his home in Ramallah was another proof of Israel's dilemma, affirming that he would not accept to be included in any prisoners' swap deal with the Hebrew stat

Duwaik from his cell: Israel is nearing its end

Duwaik, in a telephone interview from his prison cell in Ofer jail with Ramattan news agency, affirmed: "We (lawmakers and PA cabinet ministers) are hostages and we will not accept in any way to be part of a swap deal".

The IOF troops kidnapped 27 PLC members and eight cabinet members.

The PLC described his arrest as "savage and inhuman", noting that the IOF soldiers blindfolded and hand shackled him in a very "rude" manner despite his parliamentary status.

He opined that Israel, with its oppressive measures and savage aggression, was drawing its own end, which he said was approaching.

The PLC first deputy speaker, Ahmed Bahar, denounced the Israeli kidnap of Dr. Aziz Duwaik and called for a sit-in on Monday before the PLC headquarters in Gaza and Ramallah cities in solidarity with Dr. Duwaik and the other kidnapped lawmakers and ministers.

The PA ministry of prisoners' affairs also condemned the abduction of the PLC speaker, describing it as a desperate attempt to topple the elected government and parliament of the Palestinian people.

The Israeli abduction of Dr. Duwaik further drew wide condemnations from the PA government spokesman Dr. Ghazi Hamad, the PA information ministry, Palestinian struggle front, the DFLP, legal institutions and Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli Negev jail.


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