Egypt police kill Sudanese man on Israeli border

Egyptian police shot and killed a Sudanese man trying to cross into Israel from Egypt's Sinai peninsula on Monday, police sources said.

Egypt police kill Sudanese man on Israeli border
In a separate incident on Monday on the border further south, police shot an Eritrean migrant in the neck, rupturing his windpipe. The man is in hospital in the Egyptian town of El Arish in unstable condition, medical sources said.

The first man, named as Adam Osman Mohamed, 23, was shot in the forehead while travelling at night in a group of nine migrants just south of the border between Egypt and Gaza.

The other eight -- five Eritrean men, two Eritrean women and an Ethiopian man -- were caught and detained, the sources said.

The Eritrean man, 32-year-old Abraham Afwerki, was shot about 45 km (30 miles) further south in central Sinai. Police found no companions with him.

The Egyptian-Israeli border has become a favoured conduit for African economic migrants seeking work in Israel. Egyptian police have shot several of them dead in the last few months.


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