Egyptian court sentences 3 police to 7 years prison for torture death

An Egyptian criminal court sentenced a police captain and two plain-clothes officers to seven years in prison for torturing a man to death, the Egyptian Human Rights Organization (EHRO) said Wednesday.

Egyptian court sentences 3 police to 7 years prison for torture death
A police guard was also sentenced late Tuesday to three years imprisonment after being found guilty in the same case, the statement added.

On July 31, police stormed a house in Telbana village in Mansoura, the capital of Dakahliya province, 110 kilometres north of Cairo, beating up a villager's wife and children after they failed to locate him.

When the wanted man's brother Nasr Abdullah, 38, a carpenter, asked them to stop, they beat him until he lost consciousness and dragged him to a vehicle and brought him to the police station, according to EHRO.

A few hours later, his lawyer who found him in a serious condition, managed to bring him from the police station to Mansoura hospital where the doctors said he suffered from internal bleeding near his brain, requiring immediate surgery, EHRO said.

However, Abdullah died an hour later.

The verdict came almost two weeks after two other policemen received three years in prison from a Cairo court for torturing and raping the 22-year old mini-bus driver, Emad al-Kebir.


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