Electronics fair opens in Germany

The CeBIT fair, featuring the latest innovations in digital technology sponsored by companies worldwide, opened in German city of Hanover with mice, MP3 players, video games, and mobile phones.

Electronics fair opens in Germany

The CeBIT fair,featuring the latest innovations in digital technology sponsored by companiesworldwide, opened in German city of Hanoverwith mice, MP3 players, video games, and mobile phones.

6059 leading companies from more than 70 countries as well as 35 companiesfrom Turkeyattended CeBIT Hanover 2007 to take in new advances in digital and informationtechnology.

Among the participators were telecommunication pioneers like Nokia andMotorola. 435,000 people are expected to visit the global technology eventbetween March 15th and 21st.

Taiwanis the country that is mostly interested in the fair with its 606 fairsteads.

This year's guest country, Russia,has sent 150 firms. Russiaand Germanywill hold several joint activities during the world's biggest high-tech fair.

At a joint IT summit, Russian participators drew attention that Germany exported equipment, worth of 2 billionEuros, to Russiain 2005 only.

According to IHA Pillow cell phone, which was produced by anAustralian company, provided comfort to those, who make long phone calls. Thephone, which is both billow and phone, is to be launched next year and it willcost about 250 Euro, was stated. The phone's receiver, speaker andmicrophone were mounted into billow. The phone works by battery. Sabrina Taner,an official from the Austrian company.

The another invent in the fair is Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone, which canbe mounted on every vehicle's steering wheel. It is to be launched after threemonths.

Seecode Wheel named 90 gram phone enables to make a phone call withoutleaving your hand on steering wheel. It, which has the same characteristicswith the other phones provide you to make a 10-hour long none stop phone call.

Seecode Wheel, which is going to be able to use in the every country of the Europe will cost 149 Euro,said Dietmar Jung, authority ofthe company.

2007 CeBIT fair has concentrated on Information technology (IT) of thecompanies at the first time since 2001.

 Softwares, which transform the paper files into digital files, drewvisitors. Besides, fair exhibits latest changes on the automotive, plane,health, medicine and transportation industries.

 In order to enter the fair, visitors need to pay 38 Euro.

Source: Agencies

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