Erdogan addresses the public

In Ankara Recep Tayip Erdogan addressed to the thousands of people after the election victory.

Erdogan addresses the public

M.Hasan UNCULAR / Worldbulletin

After the general election victory, Prime Minister of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that AKP managed to be the sole center party. Pointing out that in the history of the Turkish political life no party managed to be so successful in the recent 50 years, he reminded the success of the Democrat Party in 1950 and 1954 elections and said our democracy and republic is stronger now after the election.

Prime Minister said that the public has clearly given the power to them to continue their way and innovations. Mr. Erdogan pointing out that he has no personal struggle with anyone, said his door is open to everyone in the political kindness.

He also thanked to the public for the trust for his party and leadership. "This success is not going to spoilt us, but it will increase the responsibility on our shoulder.

Mr. Erdogan also told about the future plans on EU, 10000 dollars of income per person and the year 2023 that is the 100th anniversary of the foundation of AKP and that is also the year planned to reach the industial and scientific high level that Ataturk pointed.

Going on his speech with the slogans "Turkey is proud of you", Mr. Erdogan also warned the AKP members not to shadow the happiness by uncontrolled behavior.

"Whoever did not vote us are also welcomed and we respect their ideas and we are here as the first and ruling power to defend their life styles and thoughts" said Mr. Erdogan.

Thanking the security powers Mr.Erdogan said "One nation,one flag,one country,one government" are our principles.



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