Erekat: Israeli-Palestinian talks to start on Dec. 12

Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said on Sunday negotiations with Israel will be launched on Dec. 12 as a result of Annapolis peace conference and will be on two tracks.

Erekat: Israeli-Palestinian talks to start on Dec. 12
On Dec. 12, Israel and the Palestinian National Authority (PNA)will talk about the final status issues, including water, refugees, Jerusalem and the borders of the Palestinian statehood, Erekat told Radio of Israel.

The second track, according to Erekat, will be the implementation of the U.S.-backed Road Map for peace. "The mutual negotiation teams will follow up the process of putting the Road Map into effect."

The Road Map calls on Israel to stop building settlements in the West Bank and withdrawing from the occupied Palestinian territories.

Annapolis conference was held in Nov. 27 to revive peace process between Israel and the PNA after years of stall.


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