Ethiopia: Water Resource Utilization Still Minimal

Water Resource State Minister Adugna Jebessa said that Ethiopia has not adequately exploited its water resource to meet the macro-economic objective of the country.

Ethiopia: Water Resource Utilization Still Minimal

He said though endowed with vast water resources, it has not been able to tap the potential until now due to lack of technological know-how and other problems. He made the remark while opening a three-day workshop organized to review a report on Phase II Genale-Dawa River Basin Integrated Resources Development Master Plan Study yesterday. Adugna said that the government has been making efforts to improve water resource management of the country and has taken river basin as a fundamental planning unit to manage natural resource in the river basins for the development of the national economy.

Integrated Basin Development Master Plan is being prepared on Genale-Dawa with the objective of promoting conservation and control of the inefficient use and depletion of water, land and bio-ecological resource within the basin, Adunga said. The study is carried out in phased approach, collection and analysis of information in Phase I, preparation of pre-feasibility study and preparation of master plan in Phase II, and Preparation of three water resource development projects at feasibility level in Phase III. The workshop reviews phase II study which contains the master plan and six pre-feasibility studies leading to the preparation of three development projects at feasibility level during Phase III study.

Genale-Dawa River Basin is one of Ethiopia's 12 river basins located in South East Ethiopia comprising Genale-Dawa and Weyib rivers and their tributaries. The project is being undertaken with 52.4 million birr budget allocated by the African Development Bank and the government.

Source: The Ethiopian Herald

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