EU Probe: US exported torture via Europe

A European investigator said there was convincing evidence that Washington sent detainees to third countries to be tortured but no "irrefutable evidence" of the existence of secret CIA prisons in Europe.

EU Probe: US exported torture via Europe

In an interim assessment presented to the Council of Europe rights organization, the head of a European investigation into CIA secret prisons in Europe said there is a great deal of coherent, convergent evidence pointing to the existence of a system of "out-sourcing" of torture by the United States, and said it was highly likely that European governments knew of it. But Swiss senator Dick Marty said there was no formal evidence - in the judicial sense - so far as the existence of clandestine detention centers in Romania or Poland, as alleged by the New York-based Human Rights Watch.

He added "Hundreds of CIA-chartered flights have passed through numerous European countries," and "It has been proved and in fact never denied that individuals have been abducted, deprived of their liberty.

The report analyzed a number of cases, including that of an Egyptian cleric allegedly kidnapped from Milan, Italy, in 2003 by CIA agents.

Citing an American lawyer, Marty has also said six Bosnians were abducted by American agents on Bosnian soil and taken to the US detention centre at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, despite a Bosnia judgment ordering their release.

Marty also said he would follow up on evidence gathered in the case of Khaled al Masri, a German of Lebanese origin reportedly kidnapped from Germany and taken to Afghanistan, in the next stage of his investigation.

The investigation, which is continuing, received additional documentation and satellite images, which may provide further evidence of possible prisons.

Source: Manar News

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