'EU talks only if Kosovo with Serbia'

Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica again said that Serbia would not discuss membership of the European Union unless Brussels recognized Serbia and Kosovo as a single entity, local media reported Thursday.

'EU talks only if Kosovo with Serbia'
"For us ... (it is) clear - when it comes to any further negotiations on EU membership it means for us only Serbia with Kosovo," he said in an interview with the Russia Today TV channel.

Kostunica has already frozen Serbia's already cumbersome approach to EU membership over the Western support of Kosovo's independence.

Serbia has withdrawn ambassadors for consultations from the 20 countries that recognized Kosovo, including the United States and leading EU countries. US officials stressed that Kosovo would "never again" be a part of Serbia.

Kostunica is however a minority in his own government coalition, in which there are more votes in favour of integration with EU regardless of the Kosovo issue.


Güncelleme Tarihi: 28 Şubat 2008, 16:21